Spring 2015
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Spring 2015

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Our first quarterly magazine is stuffed with new writing that examines the dissonance between memory and reality in Oklahoma. We've got Tiffany Doerr Guerzon reflecting on the Oklahoma City bombing, Rilla Askew meditating on 1970s Tahlequah, Sheilah Bright riding along with the best horse dentist in Oklahoma, and Mitch Gilliam untangling the threads of Morgellons disease. Plus, so much more. Here's a preview.

AN ODDER SCIENCE: When the established medical community dismissed Morgellons as an imaginary disease, one professor at Oklahoma State University questioned those findings. Today, science is close to validating the claims of Morgellons patients. Mitch Gilliam untangles the threads of this controversial illness.

TICKS OF MIDDLE AMERICA: A visual primer on the parasitic arachnids in your backyard.

TEENAGE VENGEANCE: Scarlett is like a lot of Muslim teenage girls: smart, pretty, maybe a little too sarcastic. But, she also solves crimes as a private detective. Excerpted from Scarlett Undercover by Jennifer Latham.

ONEHORSE, OK, POP. 1,000: SAAAAAAALUTE: A new poem by Oklahoma Poet Laureate Benjamin Myers.

REMINISCENCES OF AN EARLY DENTAL PRACTITIONER: In the spring of 1899, Dr. F. C. Holmes trekked from Galveston, Texas, to Washita County, Oklahoma Territory, to start a dental practice on the frontier.

HORSE TEETH AND HEARTBREAK: Sheilah Bright hits the road with Edye Lucas, the best damn horse dentist in Oklahoma.

MALISSA: A poem by Jeanetta Calhoun Mish to break your heart.

9:02 AM: In the spring of 1995, Tiffany Doerr Guerzon was focused on her career and busy planning a wedding. In this essay, Guerzon offers a personal reflection on the destruction of the Oklahoma City bombing and healing in the aftermath.

A MEDITATION ON METAPHORS: Darren Ingram, a former English teacher, discusses the value of constructing metaphors as a way to make sense of the world.

TRAIL: Rilla Askew explores the dissonance between memory and reality in her meditation on living in Tahlequah in the late 1970s.

THREE POEMS: Origin and Sombra, The Dream Warrior, and Leaving Holes by Joe Dale Tate Nevaquaya.

TINKERING WITH THE MACHINERY OF DEATH: Mike Mariani examines Oklahoma’s role in the history of lethal injection.

COLD CASES: A selection from Tulsa Police Department’s archived descriptions of unsolved murders.

THE CONDEMNED MAN'S SON: On June 15, 2000, William Clifford Bryson was executed by the state of Oklahoma. His son, Will, was 12 years old. RJ Young sits down with Will 15 years after his father’s execution to find out how the event affected the young man.

THE TRUE BLUES AND THE TIGER EYES VS. THE KU KLUX KLAN: David Farris reenacts a battle between good and evil in last century’s Spelter City, pieced together from oral histories and newspaper clippings.

SELLING 'TULSA' TO TULSANS: Charles Morrow replays the drama surrounding the making and release of Tulsa, a 1949 flick about the city’s boomtown days.

SCI-FI'S TOUGH GUY: Grant McClintock profiles Marshall Bell, the Oklahoma-born actor known for his roles in A Nightmare on Elm Street 2Total Recall, and Starship Troopers.

THE LAND RUN FROM THE EUROPEAN PERSPECTIVE: A collection of translated periodical accounts that give an impression of what Europeans read about the opening of Oklahoma in April 1899.

GHOSTS OF THE MIDWAY: Megan Shepherd takes us on a tour of defunct amusement parks across Oklahoma.

CHICKEN FAT: Janis Cramer remembers the challenge of 1960s Muskogee fitness standards.

ORIGINAL OKIE:  It was a road trip to the Taos Wool Festival that inspired Tulsa native Denise Bell to hand-dye her own yarn. That was nearly 10 years ago; now she runs Lost City Knits, peddling hand-dyed yarns and original knits online and at fiber festivals all over the country.

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