September 1, 2011
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September 1, 2011

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For our first September issue, we present a machine that unmasks terror and is sure to chill our readers to the bone.  In this issue, we once again turn the spotlight on Tulsa’s sometimes unsavory past, this time exploring the hidden life of one of our founders, Tate Brady.

This collector’s issue also contains a number of never-before published photos from Tulsa’s history, including scenes from Brady’s personal life, a shot of downtown Tulsa streets adorned in Confederate decor, and a color photo of Beno Hall, Tulsa’s one-time Klan temple. Steel yourself for: FEATURE: In “The Nightmare of Dreamland: Tate Brady and the Battle for Greenwood”, Public Secret’s Lee Roy Chapman sheds light on the dark history of Tulsa’s beginnings–and puts an entire section of town into question.

BENO HALL: Steve Gerkin dishes the dirt on the former downtown Tulsa building, generously built by the Tulsa Benevolent Society (more commonly known as the KKK) in 1923.

GREENWOOD: J. Kavin Ross delivers a history lesson on Black Wall Street’s storied past.

GOODBYE TULSA: Shawna Lewis says goodbye to Eugene Brady Adkins, Tate Brady’s art-collecting grandson.

EDITORIALS: Oklahoma Eagle editor James O. Goodwin, riot historian Alfred Brophy, and novelist Ishmael Reed weigh-in on our article, “The Nightmare of Dreamland.” (The article will also be syndicated as a 5-part series in the Eagle)

POETRY: We uncover a chilling poem, “To the Knights of Liberty” by F.L. Lanford, written in the wake of the Tulsa Outrage.

SEX IN THE CITY: Clara Nipper tells the story of the May Rooms, a notorious (and successful) brothel run by the perennially charming Pauline Lambert.

WHAT’S DEWEY DOING? Lee Roy Chapman takes our Dewey Doll to meet one of the victims of the most atrocious acts of racial violence in Tulsa history.

TOGETHER IN TULSA: Meet Amber and Jeff Whitlatch, a couple who’s seen more than their fair share of ups and downs.

LETTER FROM THE PUBLISHER: Publisher Vince LoVoi introduces the members of This Land’s advisory board.

IMAGINARY OKLAHOMA: Award-winning author Alan Heathcock delivers a heart-breaking portrayal of the Oklahoma landscape in “Streetlamps.” That, plus stunning graphic design by Carlos Knight and illustrations by Jeremy Luther. 

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