August 1, 2013
This Land Magazine

August 1, 2013

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This Machine circles the drum. Find inside the story of murder in the land of the red man, plus an essay on the Indian in popular culture, a tour of a city with a bad case of caught-between, a portrait of a centenarian bride, and a quick guide to powwow season. On stands today.

CHECKMATE: The story of the King of the Osage Hills, who played the prairie people like pawns. By Jason Christian.

INDIAN ENOUGH: The lies that tell the truth about Native identity, in real life and on the silver screen. By Thomas King.

THE STAR HOUSE: A roadmap to Lawton, a place suspended in the void between worlds, both of time and space, since before Quanah Parker and Geronimo. By Sarah Szabo.

ORIGINAL OKIE: A wedding portrait of Opal Clark Moss, 101, Sand Springs. “At my age,” she says, “they’re all younger men.

BLOOD FOR BLACK GOLD: A poster-worthy cover by 1491s and Buffalo Nickel co-founder Ryan Redcorn.

A DRUM SINGS THE SONG: Your guide to Oklahoma’s early-August powwows, plus where to find a free chuckwagon feed.

ORIGINAL OKIE: Opal Clark Moss, 101, grew up at the Sand Springs Children’s Home and published her first book at age 76. Last year, the longtime widow fell in love again and married 89-year-old Paul Bruce Moss of Tulsa. 

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