April 15, 2012
This Land Magazine

April 15, 2012

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“This Machine Remembers” is full of powerful articles that shed new light on the Oklahoma City bombing of 1995. Among the various exclusive articles are:

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BIGGER AND BETTER: This Land publisher Vincent LoVoi talks about the future of This Land and reminds of us our roots.

TOGETHER: Mike Appel and Emily Oakley have found their own private Garden of Eden at their organic farm east of Tulsa.

IMAGINARY OKLAHOMA: In Brock Clarke’s “Rock Shop” a young man and his friend contemplate a move to fair-weathered Oklahoma in the wake of the Oklahoma City Bombing.

IRONS IN THE FIRE: Beau Adams has the scoop on Karsten Solheim, a putter inventor with all the “Ansers.”

MOOD SWING: Steve Gerkin tells the story of famed fiddle-player turned wife killer Donnell Cooley, aka Spade.

OUR OWN PRIVATE AFGHANISTAN: An excerpt from Oklahoma City, the new book by Andrew Gumbel and Roger G. Charles.

WHO’S AFRAID OF ELOHIM CITY: Lee Roy Chapman and Josh Kline pay a visit to Elohim City, the city not on any map.

THE THIRD MAN: Investigative reporter Gerald Posner’s never-before-published story on the hunt for John Doe No. 2.

CITY OF HOPE: An excerpt from Kerry Noble’s Tabernacle of Hate, which explains the links between paramilitary compounds in the Ozarks.

POETRY MONTH: To commemorate National Poetry Month, we’ve got three poems by Markham Johnson, Bill Turley, and Eli Wright.

LETTER FROM NEW YORK: Stillwater-native Sarah Graalman writes about visiting a bar in New York’s East Village named–what else?–Stillwater.

DONE THAT: Natasha Ball writes of her visit to the Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial and Museum.

ORIGINAL OKIE: Jeremy Charles photographs 1-year-old Agnes Taylor. She’s a real cutie and a sixth-generation Okie.

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