My Mother Is A Chicken... by Mark Brown
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My Mother Is A Chicken... by Mark Brown

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"Mark Brown writes so exquisitely about eating, drinking, and rambling that I half believe I was there with him - and knowing that I wasn't, I long to be." - James Oseland, editor-in-chief of Saveur and author of Cradle of Flavor

An Orthodox Greek combines a love of music with a living in hot dogs. A punk rocker drives a tour bus to Walla Walla wine country and goes rogue. A garlic farmer eats enough raw cloves to perfume his sweat but not enough to repel vampires. A French innkeeper serves a version of pork and beans as old as the crusades. A champion of heritage breed pigs with a radical idea of eating local gets a punch in the snout. Food writer Mark Brown eats and drinks his fill, then regurgitates it for posterity and enlightenment. Historical, anecdotal, poetical, and even a little edible, My Mother is a Chicken will reorder the pantry of your mind.

Mark Brown is a former Managing Editor of This Land and creator of the food journal Argentfork.

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